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The phantastic adventures of the space-ship Orion


"What today sounds like an fairy-tale can be reality tomorrow. Here is an fairy-tale of the future. There are no longer national states. There only is one mankind and its colonies in space. They settle on far-away stars. The bottom of the sea is being used for living.

With nowadays uncredible speed spaceships roam our galaxy. One of these spaceships is the ORION, tiny part of an gigantic security net protecting earth from threats of outer space. Let us join the ORION and its crew on their patrol and their many adventures on the edge of infinity."
(Opening prologue of the series - translated by Wilfried Wittkowsky)

The Crew prepares a landing
The Crew prepares a landing. Panorama stitched from 4 photos. © Wilfried Wittkowsky

  The crew of the space cruiser "Orion"  
Major McLane Major Cliff Allister McLane
Dietmar Schönherr
Leutnant Jagellovsk Leutnant Tamara Jagellovsk
Galactic Security Officer (GSD)
Eva Pflug
Leutnant Sigbjörnsen Leutnant Hasso Sigbjörnsen
Claus Holm
Leutnant de Monti Leutnant Mario de Monti
Wolfgang Völz
Leutnant Shubashi Leutnant Atan Shubashi
Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Leutnant Legrelle Leutnant Helga Legrelle
Space Surveillance
Ursula Lillig

Marschall Wamsler General Winston Woodrov Wamsler
Chief of MacLane
Benno Sterzenbach
Generalin van Dyke Generalin Lydia van Dyke
ex-Chief of MacLane
Charlotte Kerr
(Widow of Friedrich Dürrenmatt)
Oberst Villa Oberst Henryk Villa
Head of GSD (Galactic Security) and chief of Tamara
Friedrich Joloff

Production members

SceneryRolf Zehetbauer, Werner Achmann
CostumesMargit Bardy, Vera Otto
Make-upHannelore Pollak
SoundWerner Seth
MusicPeter Thomas
Dance-ChoreographyWilliam Milli
Special EffectsTheodor Nischwitz, Werner Hierl, Vinzenz Sandner, Jörg Kunsdorff, Götz Weidner
CameraKurt Hasse, W.P. Hassenstein
ProductionBavaria Atelier GmbH

Episode Guide

Angriff aus dem All
Hüter des Gesetzes directed by: Michael Braun
First airing: Sept., 17th 1966

Planet außer Kurs
directed by: Theo Mezger
First airing: Oct., 1st 1966

Hüter des Gesetzes
directed by: Theo Mezger
First airing: Oct., 10th 1966

directed by: Theo Mezger
Kampf um die Sonne First airing: Oct., 10th 1966

Kampf um die Sonne
directed by: Michael Braun
First airing: Nov., 11st 1966

Die Raumfalle
directed by: Theo Mezger
First airing: Nov., 11th 1966

directed by: Michael Braun
First airing: Dec., 10th 1966

Orion 8 departing from its undersea basis

Raumpatrouille - Theme
- 1:00min. - RealPlayer required

Crew ashore

Crew on bridge


Tamara and Cliff

Raumpatrouille Orion
Editor Rolf Kauka published in the series
"Fix und Foxi - Super TipTop"
in edition No. 6 three pictured Orion-stories.
Sold at that time for: DM 1,50.

Raumpatrouille - LP
Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester (New Astronautic Sound)
Original-Soundtrack aus der 7-teiligen Fernsehserie der BAVARIA
Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes ORION
1966, fontana special, LP: 6434 261, MC: 7240 445

Single: Philips 346 018 PF

Raumpatrouille on DVD
All parts of the series are available as double-DVD.
EuroVideo Best.Nr. 26634 or at Amazon.

Filming the Orion
Filming the 1,60m Orion.

(The "ORION" existed in three sizes between 60cm to 1,60m diameter. The bridge had an diameter of 28 meters. 3200 light bulbs were used for its illumination and 10.000 meters of electric cables had been built in.)

Where do the color fotos come from?

It may be known that the series was aired in black&white (long before "Star Trek" was produced - now knowing this, compare the futuristic looks!). Color-TV didn't exist at that time in Germany. In a wise presumption (for later color-TV-airing or a not produced cinema-movie) several scenes were shot in color. (Rumors exist, that of all movies complete color-copies are existing, rumors...) Of these fotos some were used by the card-game company ASS for a card-game. And of this one are the fotos.

"Hüter des Gesetzes" is of the magazine "Gong". Two pictures had to be reworked because the other color-material wasn't good enough. One is the picture of "Tamara", taken from the b/w-insert of the LP and being colorized. The other one is the picture of "Hasso" taken from the "Fix&Foxi"-magazine and given an different background. On the picture of "Atan" the space-helmet was cleared a bit so you can see his face in an better way. (Don't trust any pictures any longer.)

- for the first time in 3D -
The following original movie-pictures are in 3D for the red/green glasses (to be obtained in your local optician-store), red filter on the right. Blurs are from movements of the actors between the two pictures needed (one each for the left and right eye). Sorry, they today don't listen to stand still for photographing...
3D-conversion: © 2003 Wilfried Wittkowsky
Cliff and Helga prepare a start.
Helga Legrelle on space-surveillance.
Cliff watching the monitor-screen.
Spaceship Hydra in danger.
A lesson about robots.
Robots went crazy.
The GSD-officer threatens the crew.
McLane is being promoted.
Tamara and Cliff.

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(Raumpatrouille-card-game from "Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabrik", No. 657)

© Wilfried Wittkowsky

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